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Next wreath laying is Saturday, December 17, 2022

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Valley Center

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Wreaths Across America founder and supporters have honored veterans since l992 at Arlington National Cemetery and have expanded it to all National Cemeteries, this is a huge project and deserves support from all of us. Would you join us with your contribution to assure continuation of the ceremony and wreath laying in San Diego to honor our fallen comrades, families and friends? Sponsor a wreath to come to San Diego!
Josee D'Amore
This is what “Wreaths Across America” is all about!.
I have been richly blessed by “Wreaths Across America”. I have participated in the ceremony that honors our Fallen, Retired and Active Veterans for the past two years now. It is a beautiful and tangible way of actively honoring and remembering our military each year. In December 2018, I went to the Miramar National Cemetery to participate in the “Wreaths Across America” ceremony. I had planned on going to the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, but changed my mind at the last moment. The entire time I was there, my friend, Dan Fisher, was on my mind and in my heart. He had died a few years prior and was buried in this cemetery. I hadn’t been able to attend his Memorial Service and didn’t know exactly where he was buried. As I laid wreaths at various gravesites, I not only honored and remembered the veteran at whose headstone I stood before, but I remembered and honored my friend Dan. Dan Fisher served during the Vietnam War as a Sergeant with the Air Force, as a mechanic. Sadly, there isn’t much known about his service, as he didn’t share much about his experiences there with family or friends.

A few days before Christmas, I was moved to track down and contact his daughter. I introduced myself to her through FB Messenger and explained about my recent visit to Miramar National Cemetery and “Wreaths Across America”. I shared with her how much her Dad was on my heart and mind as I laid wreaths at the headstones of other Veterans. I mentioned to her that next December, I would very much like to lay a wreath at Dan’s headstone and asked if she would share with me where exactly his headstone is within the Cemetery.

She quickly responded, ”I would absolutely love for you to add my Dad’s site to your rounds next year. Thank you so much for reaching out, so nice of you. Although your message made me cry it was a good cry. God bless and thanks again. I told my friend about your message and she said 'It’s your Dad saying Merry Christmas through her.'”

I was so touched by her response and how much it meant to her that her Dad was honored and remembered, that I decided to visit his gravesite. The wreaths from that year's event were still there. I took some pictures and sent them to her. She was very touched and said, “Thank you soooo much!!! I can’t tell you what happiness this makes me feel. My biggest worry is that he is forgotten. So much love and appreciation in my heart right now. Thank you!"

This is what “Wreaths Across America” is all about!
By Josee D’Amore

Beverly Lussier
Beverly Lussier placing wreath on her husband George's gravesite.
The ceremony was heartfelt by all who spoke and all who were there to honor loved ones. The cemetery out shined last year with 8,000 plus wreaths donated. So beautiful to see all the headstones had wreaths and I was so speechless to see how so many of our veterans and loved ones were honored. There is new saying out there expressed at the memorial this year, “Yes, I Am an American.” 

Beverly Lussier
Wreaths Across America Miramar 2017

Anne McClure
Speak their name.
Each year, we are encouraged to "speak their name", lest we forget them.  It was my honor to place a wreath and speak Cpl. Phillip E. Campbell's name.  Thank you for your service during the Korean war. 

We will never forget.

Anne McClure,
Blue Star Mother

Honoring those who’ve served in the past.
I wanted to personally thank You for all your hard work with the WAA Event.

I did not know what to expect on Saturday, thinking it would be a simple set up, with volunteers placing wreaths. The Ceremony was Wonderful. My sisters and I were so moved by the Day, we have decided to make it a full Family event next year in lieu of our regular Family Christmas get together. We have been doing a white elephant gift exchange for the past few years, and think donating the money for wreaths, then all of our families participating in laying wreaths would be a much more rewarding experience.

Looking forward to helping out next year.

Michael L., Proud Son of a
Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC, WWII, Korea and Vietnam
Teaching the next generation to honor and remember.
Thank you so much for having us and organizing such a rewarding event. I rode with the PGR (Patriot Guard Riders) and my mom brought my son with the Cub Scout Pack. I look forward to participating next year and hope to have at least 75 boys from our pack. God Bless you and thanks again!

Krystal C.

Remembering to come again.
It was a very profound experience for us, my son and his friend especially. My husband has already said that he wants to do it again next year, so thank you for being so conscientious about performing your duties to WAA. I am attaching a few pictures that I took from the event. Thank you again for your time and hard work. Have a wonderful New Year.

Warmest regards,
Becky H.

Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. Yesterday was an amazing and beautiful day of Remembrance (2012).

We had 12 family members participate, representing 3 generations of descendents. Two of their great granddaughters were given the privilege of laying the wreath at their grave site. Neither of which ever got to meet my dad, but have heard the stories we all tell and definitely understand the sacrifice he and all service members make.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

- Michael